After skating, it’s time for Ludovisko!

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LUDOVISKO is a place created for people. For carnivores and herbivores, those who care about health and want to be fit, as well as for all those who simply want to go out and sit over a cup of coffee or a craft beer.

Our flavors arise from the combination of regional ingredients and ideas for traditional dishes in a new edition, and the view on the sheet of the rink adds a more special climate to them. The atmosphere is additionally boosted by sports events broadcasted on the big screen.

When developing LUDOVISKO, we wanted to create an amazing place where you can meet, have a great time and, above all, eat well.


Ludovisko recommends

Let yourself be carried away by the expression of flavors.

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We will work miracles for you

Ludovisko is a perfect place to celebrate family ceremonies and meetings with friends. We value moments spent with the loved ones, we appreciate their value, therefore we will be happy to help you organize an exceptional family party, preparing an unforgettable setting of the event, for example: baptism, communion, birthday, name day, anniversary or jubilee. We always offer our knowledge and experience in perfecting the finest detail of the ceremony.

Children’s zone

At Ludoviska, we care for the smallest ones
At weekends, we spread a huge playground with Lego Duplo blocks for kids. It is a great place to play and develop imagination, as well as manual skills for our children! Parents can also play with their children, so that they can deepen their ties!


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